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What To Know When Hiring A Professional Roofing Contractor

1. Does the contractor have a state license?

By state law,all roof installations must be done by a licensed contractor in Florida.The license must be specifically for roofingcontractor work.The contractor’s license number should appear on all advertising and trucks. If you are in doubt, call theDepartment of Business & Professional Regulations 1-850-487-1395 or visit Check otherforms of identification .AN OCCUPATIONAL LICENSE DOES NOT QUALIFY AN INDIVIDUAL TO ACT AS A ROOFING CONTRACTOR.


2. Check with County and Local Building Departments

Contact the Palm Beach County Building Department at 561-233-5525 to verify the status of the contractor’s license in thecounty.Check if any complaints have been filed against the contractor and the outcome of the complaints.


3. Does the Contractor have references?

A legitimate contractor will be happy to provide you with the names and contact information of recent customers.


4. Get written estimate

Get a written estimate from several licensed contractors.Make sure the estimate includes the work the contractor will do,the materials involved,the completion date and total cost.Be aware that there are many roofing systems available.Make surethe system being proposed has the proper product approval.When you compare prices,make sure the systems are equal.


5. Beware of sales pitches and dishonest individuals

Beware of contractors who claim to be the fastest and cheapest.Hiring them result in poor workmanship,inferior materialsor unfinished jobs.Unlicensed contractors often target the uninformed and inexperienced as well as the elderly.They solicitdoor to door frequently traveling in unmarked trucks and vans.They give a post office box address instead of a streetaddress.They convince YOU to obtain the necessary permits.


6. Does the Contractor have the proper Insurance?

Roofing is a tough,risky business beset with injuries and damage claims.Responsible roofing contractors properly insure theiremployees and their customers.Ask to see their workers compensation policy and liability policy.Make sure the policies arein the name of the company


7. Make sure the Contractor gets the Building Permits

Every installation requires permits and inspections by the local building officials. Ask to see the permits when they are obtained.


8. Make sure your Contract includes:

  • The Contractor’s name,street address,telephone number and state license number
  • A precise description of work to be completed including a schedule and list of materials.
  • Completion date including cleanup after the work is finished
  • Warranty agreements including length, terms and recourse.

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